The Lawson Raines Approach


We value each of our clients. Whether our client has been charged with a crime or seriously injured in an automobile accident, we believe that we owe a duty to our clients to go the extra mile to achieve the best and just legal outcome. We are committed to fighting for our clients.


Many times the difference at trial is the presence of visual evidence or other evidence that is not easily uncovered. This evidence is not brought into the courtroom if it is not first discovered. It is not first discovered, if there is no thorough investigation. Not only will we invest the time, but we will devote the necessary resources to investigate your case and to present it a trial in ways powerful and persuasive to juries deciding the outcome.

Down to Earth Approach to Client Representation

One time a client visited our office. On his way to the office, he called to say he was running late and he could not go home to change from his work clothes to professional clothes. When he arrived at our office, he was relieved to see me in jeans and a polo shirt. We started the meeting in the garden outside of our office over coffee. He decided that we were his firm because he could relate to us. We understand that the legal system and personalities involved can be intimidating. But we treat each of our clients with respect, dignity, and honor. The State of Georgia has many great lawyers and many great law firms. It could be easy to choose many of the other great ones. We value our devotion to humility and we treat each client who trusts us with his or her representation with ultimate dignity and respect.


Our consultations are free. It will cost you nothing to speak to us about your case. If you cannot make it to our office, then schedule a phone consultation. If you cannot talk to us by your cell phone, then we will come to your office, school, or home. If you just want to visit us and our staff, we are happy to have you come to our office just a short drive from Sugarloaf Mills in Gwinnett. But we treat this consultation as a serious first step in obtaining valuable information necessary to provide you an honest assessment of your case. It is also the first of many meetings and conversations that we will have about your case. By the time your case is over, you will say: I love those guys, but I am tired of talking to them.

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